You are right. In a conversation, if somebody talks about a work of Shakespeare we couldn’t catch the idea. Literature is a part of the culture, and learning that extends our vocabulary capacity.

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I think that English Literature is necessary for Elt students , so if you want to learn a language , you have to learn everything about that language .For example , people, culture, history , literature etc..All of these are important to understand what you learn.Hence , English literature must be learned by Elt students..It may improve our language skills . Shortly ,you have a chance to learn  the history of language that you want to learn ..

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I am totally agree with you. If we learn the literature, we can understand what this conversation about.

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In my opinion, English Literature is necessary for ELT students. I believe deep in my heart if we don’t know the literature of the language that we are studying, we cannot fully triumph that language. For all these reasons I will try to be succesfull this class.

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The Road So Far

I don’t know if I like the literature or not. However I liked the stories I have seen, especially the supernatural ones. For example: Doctor Faustus. I think selling souls to devil thing comes from there. I liked the works so far. Time will show me what happens next.