Fleas, Death, and Wings

This week we had three poems to examine. Actually one of them wasn’t a poem, it was a prayer.

First poem was The Flea. It was an interesting poem, and a little bit odd. Two lovers are bitten by a flea, they bound each other by blood. Their parents don’t want them be together. As I said, it was odd, and I think a bit of disgusting. Maybe the reason why I can not fully like this poem is that flea.

After that we looked Holy Sonnet X. It was written after the death of its poet’s wife. The idea is about the death is not strong, and fearful. The death shouldn’t be proud of itself. At the end of the poem it is said; After everybody dies, the death will die too. I think it is a good idea because when there is nobody, there will not be a job for the death.

And the last one was Easter Wings. It is a prayer and the written form of that work looks like a couple of wings. It is about fate, and its power to give people hope.

I liked the works except The Flea. I think it is not a bad thing, because it is a strange poem. I hope the following weeks I won’t feel like that about other works.






4 thoughts on “Fleas, Death, and Wings

  1. I liked Holy Sonnet X very much among poems which we examined this week.”After everybody dies, the death will die too.” . That is true and I dont afraid of death. Death is rebirth for me .

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