Civil War And Restoration

I couldn’t attend the lesson this week. However, I downloaded the presentation, and read the informations about this week’s topic.

As I understand, that period is about the civil war, and the attempts to undo the mistakes that have been made.Also two poems were examined, but I want to talk about the civil war.

What I can see that the reason for the unnecessary deaths, and the great pains is religion. Actually the reason is not the religion, it is the untolerance to other people’s beliefs.

From the things what I read, I figured out not many people took place that bloody event. But no matter what, killing each other for little disaggrement is nothing but murder. All civil wars in the history are sad, and it ruins the lives of people.

I hope there will be no more killing or disaggrement amongs the people. Eventually, all of us come from the same ancestors.

3 thoughts on “Civil War And Restoration

  1. History is full of repetition, unfortunately in wars. After war time period in Britain some poets tend to write something except war and its ravage Especially in the Restoration period, there are some interesting poems like To His Coy of Mistress. It’s not writen just about love but also sexsual interest.

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