Paradise Lost

Last lesson we studied Paradise Lost and MacFlecknoe. I want to talk about Paradise Lost, because it is a very interesting poem.

It was written by John Milton, and he is considered as the greatest poet after Shakespeare. I couldn’t say anything about that, but the poem is good and intetesting.

It is about Satan, and humans’ expelling from heaven. The poem is interesting, because it is alike to our religion. Because of that, it is easy to remember the context. We already know about these informations.

Of course there are different things between the poem, and our religion. For example: In the poem Satan is very strong, but for us Satan is miserable, and powerless. He has no physical power to us. We have a forbidden fruit in our faith, and it is in the poem too.

As I said, there are lots of similarities between the poem and our belief. So I think remembering the poem will be easy for me.

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