18th Century

Today we looked at 18th century. There were a lot of information, and I am a little bit of confused.

As I understand, in these years there were peace, and prosperity for the people, except poor people of course. Poor people had never lived in a good way from the beginning of the history.

We saw the Industrial Revolution, and its effects to the world. The good became cheap, and reachable. However the ones who took avdantage of this time were the upper class people again. Child workers, unfair working conditions were there.

The most interesting thing today was Coffee Houses. They are the places where the people come, drink coffee or tea, and read books. It is like the `Kıraathane´ in our culture.

Except from all of that, we talked about the exam which we will have. It will last three hours, and it seems it will be so hard. Wr expect it will be easy for us.

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