Mobile Learning

The topic of this week was mobile learning. We talked about smart phones, applications and their usage in the language classrooms.

We can’t ignore the development of smart phones and usage rate of them. Almost all students have their smart phones with them, and they check them every minute.

Google Play Store is a developing application bank in the world. There are lots of free apps to use in the classrooms. We can download very good dictionaries and use them. The mobile dictionaries are very useful thanks to their swiftness. One of them is Merriam Webster. It is an offline dictionary with dozens of features.

There is a website called Socrative. It is a tool we can measure the answers of the students immediately. We can ask questions and get feedback instantly. The results can be downloaded as an excel document. The website has a smart phone application too. The teachers can use it every time in a classroom with an internet connection.

The last thing we talked about was QR Codes. We can encode information in QR Codes. In the app store there are tools in order to decode these codes. If we want to keep the information short, we can use that tool.

Soon, there will be almost no one who doesn’t use the smart phones. Our aim should be using them as much as we can.

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