Excellent Love , Fate and Death…

In my opinion, it isn’t about fate. We choose our destiny, and their bad end comes from their parents’ foolishness. If they had been more thoughtful, all could be happy after all.

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Romeo and Juliet is  written by William Shakespeare. It is a really emotional work. We talked about this great tragedie in our classroom,  and also we  watched its animation film, and i said to myself  ” what a bad fate ? “. I thought that everything can end in a bad last  if you make deadly mistakes. The big love caused  to the big tragedie. I had some knowledge about the work , but i didnt know the details in the story .So i was happy to learn it.

Also ,  I liked the way we learn the lesson .I think this is one of the best way  to teach something .Using these ways such as movies , cartoons , images etc. are really good for us . We can focus on the work .Therefore , i want to thank Mr.Akayoglu for his nice teaching.Finally , i hope that  the…

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Magnificent love

You are right, in those times love could be normal for their age, but the world has chanced. The balance between men and women is different this time. It could be a wrong example for that generation.


for me ıt is the most tragic work in English history..after all the deep meanings of the words they say to each other is so charming..ı knew this work but when we watch it deeply, we realised much more things than we know.just not enough read, to watch is more convincing..lots of things can be said for this work it’s perfect but one thing is not good for me …yes we can say literature is a good example for us but characters which was named romeo and juliet was so young to live this love and ı think this love is marvellous  but ıt ıs the wrong example for new generation…

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A Great Tragedy

Yesterday, we saw Romeo and Juliet. We watched animated version of this work. At first, I thought I wouldn’t like it because of it was a cartoon. But later, I began to like it. It was a good love story, and there were of course deaths like every tragedy. It didn’t end well, but finally the families understood what they had done was wrong. What I want to say is, it is a good play, and it deserves its reputation.

I liked the way we were teached the lesson. Watching the animated version of a play is more memorable. When we the work visually, it is easier to hold it in the mind. Also, for there are old English words, hearing the pronunciation of these words could help us to learn the right way to say them.

I hope the classes will go on like that. It is more enjoyable for me, and I think my friends also think like that.

You are right. In a conversation, if somebody talks about a work of Shakespeare we couldn’t catch the idea. Literature is a part of the culture, and learning that extends our vocabulary capacity.

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I think that English Literature is necessary for Elt students , so if you want to learn a language , you have to learn everything about that language .For example , people, culture, history , literature etc..All of these are important to understand what you learn.Hence , English literature must be learned by Elt students..It may improve our language skills . Shortly ,you have a chance to learn  the history of language that you want to learn ..

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I am totally agree with you. If we learn the literature, we can understand what this conversation about.

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In my opinion, English Literature is necessary for ELT students. I believe deep in my heart if we don’t know the literature of the language that we are studying, we cannot fully triumph that language. For all these reasons I will try to be succesfull this class.

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The Road So Far

I don’t know if I like the literature or not. However I liked the stories I have seen, especially the supernatural ones. For example: Doctor Faustus. I think selling souls to devil thing comes from there. I liked the works so far. Time will show me what happens next.